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Friday 10 February 2017

Renovations Are Complete-Beautiful Showroom Features over 20 New Styles
Newly Renovated Showroom Features Trendy Natural Stone Styles

Posted at 3:13 PM

Renovations Are Complete-Beautiful Showroom Features over 20 New Styles

Over the past 2 months Krukowski Stone Company has been creating new products and revamping our showroom by updating several fireplaces with trendy new styles!  We just finished adding over 20 new displayed products.  Please visit our Facebook page https: // to view these new elements and products.

Showroom#1 Fireplace Makeover- We Are Proud to Present Our Aqua Grantique Material Showcasing These Products:

  • Aqua Grantique 3½” Sawn Height Full Veneer

  • Aqua Grantique Brushed Surface Finished Cladding Panels 26” x 60” x 3cm

  • 3½” thick Aqua Grantique Brushed Surface and Edge Finish on Hearth & Mantle; the Hearth is 10’ Long

Showroom#2 Fireplace Makeover Featuring our Quartz Cemented Sandstone-

  • Sandy Creek 3½” Sawn Height Full Veneer

  • Cambrian Cream Thermal Surface Finished Cladding Panels 30” x 36” x 3cm

  • 3½” thick Thermal Surface Finish, Hand Rock-Faced edge on 6’ Long Hearth & Mantle

Introducing New Krukowski Stone Company’s Products for 2017

In popular Ledge-Rock’s we are featuring several new styles:

A consistent 2 ¼” sawn height product showcased in our Highland Brown, Chestnut, Autumn Sunburst and Desert Blend Ledge-Rocks and 1”, 2”, 3” Highland Brown, Chestnut and Autumn Sunburst Ledge-Rocks.

In a taller, massive version we offer several new Palace Blends in Random Heights from 4” to 14” in Highland Brown, Chestnut, and Autumn Sunburst.

And our extremely popular Aqua Grantique and Cambrian Cream Sawn-6-Sides which are presented in several height options: 3cm, 2 ¼”, 3 ½”, 6 ¼”, & 7 ½”; custom heights are also available.

All of these materials are quarried and fabricated southeast of Mosinee, WI.