Krukowski Stone
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Aqua Blue™ Boulders

Aqua Blue™ Boulders

The One, The Only, The Original

The only true Aqua Blue™ Boulders or weathered dark blue and broken charcoal blue, pewter colored stone which may contain areas of olive green, white quartz or rust coloring at the face of the stone.  The Aqua Blue Boulders by nature are angular, long and narrow pieces in natural and fractured textures. 

Perfect Material For Asian Themed Gardens And Water Features.

SizeCoverage per Ton
3" - 7"   30-35 Sq. Ft. per Ton
7" - 12"   25-30 Sq. Ft. per Ton
12" - 18"   10-12 Sq. Ft. per Ton
18" - 24"   5-8 Sq. Ft. per Ton
24" - 36"   3-5 Sq. Ft. per Ton
3' - 5'  200 lbs. per Cubic Ft.
5' - 8'  200 lbs. per Cubic Ft.

Please note that some of the larger boulders can be narrow; for instance in the  24-36" size some of the pieces may only be 10-18" thick.

The Aqua Blue Boulders can be delivered loose, palletized or packaged in 2 ton wood crates or white poly-bags (additional fee).

Green Building Materials

This product has no manufacturing process. It is taken from the earth and palletized for immediate use.