Krukowski Stone
Aqua Grantique™ Countertop Finishes

Aqua Grantique Countertop Finishes 

Dark green to black may contain olive, white quartz or rust colored veining.

*Please note: All of our cut stone products are produced from natural stone. The below photos are a small representation of the product. Due to the fact that we are working with natural stone, the color, veining, and surface texture may vary from materials shown below.

Aqua Grantique Polished

The polishing process transforms the stone from a dull sawn surface to a very high gloss that is reflective. This texture brings out the fine details of the character in the natural stone.

Aqua Grantique Polished   Aqua Grantique Polished   Aqua Grantique Polished

Aqua Grantique Brushed

Produced on the Simec Polishing Line, we use specially designed diamond bristle brushes to achieve this texture. This process removes surface area slightly unevenly leaving a smooth satin feel with subtle concave and convex areas which follow the natural mineral and veining of the stone.

Aqua Grantique Brushed   Aqua Grantique Brushed   Aqua Grantique Brushed