Krukowski Stone
Aqua Grantique™ Random Steps

Aqua Grantique™ Random Steps

Very Limited Availability

Coloring: Dark charcoal blue/black, may contain rust coloring, white quartz or green veining

7-½” (+/- ¼”) Sawn Thick, Thermal Surface, 18”-36”+ Random Depth, 3’-6’+ Length. Natural & Broken Ends.  Custom sorting is not availalbe in this material.

NOTE: Effective October 2016- We will no longer be taking orders for the Aqua Grantique Random Steps-  We will produce pieces as they become availalbe but cannot take orders for production.  Please call well in advance to see if any steps available.  Aqua Grantique Split Steps are available in 18" or 24" depths by 3', 4' or 5' lenghts.