Krukowski Stone
Aqua Grantique™ Custom Sawn Steps

Aqua Grantique™ Custom Sawn Steps

Coloring: Charcoal blue/black, may contain rust coloring, white quartz or green veining

Available Thickness:
3cm, 2¼" (+/- ¼") , 3½", or 7½" (+/- ½")

Surface Textures: Thermal or Shot-Blast

Edge Texture: Bush-Hammer or Tapestry

Edge Profiles on 3cm or 2¼" Thickness: Full Bullnose, Half Bullnose, Quarter Bullnose, or Bevel.

A Tapestry finish can be applied to the above profiles to add a textured finish.

Please Note: Due to the confiquration of the Aqua Grantique ™ material we cannot Rock-Face or Thermal an edge.