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architect & designer services

Architect & Designer Services

Architectural Services Available

  • Technical assistance with product specification, selection and detailing for your specific application
  • Product samples can be ordered by calling 800-628-0314
  • Cost estimating from your CAD files or hard copy sketches
  • CAD details and common installation details are available at
  • Architectural Specifications  Complete shop drawings  Test data  ASTM's

Please call or visit our web site for additional information on some of the finest products and services in the natural stone industry.

Product Presentation

Established in 1978, Krukowski Stone Company, Inc. has become a leader in quarrying and manufacturing natural architectural full thickness veneers, thin veneers, custom cut stone, cladding, countertop slabs and landscaping stone products.


Our products are ideal for interior or exterior applications in residential, commercial, architectural and landscaping projects.


Natural quarried stone, the everlasting environmentally friendly building product. We offer over 100 varieties of full thickness 4" bed depth architectural stone. Natural stone thin veneers are available in ¾" to 1½" (+/-) thickness for use on vertical surfaces without needing a structural footing. Thin veneer architectural stone products weight 10-15 lb. per sq. ft. Keystone, trim stone, sill and hearthstone pieces are produced in four stone varieties to accent thin veneer products.

We now saw Aqua Grantique and Cambrian Cream stone blocks into ¾", 1¼" and 2¼" slabs. These are available in brushed, polished and honed finishes. Slabs can be processed into custom size pieces.


  • LEED Points for using Regional Materials and Recycled Content Products.
  • Green Building products - several materials are removed from the quarry and palletized for immediate use without any further manufacturing.
  • Continuous progress in quarrying techniques and modernized production facilities allows us to fabricate unique products - many found only at Krukowski Stone Company, Inc.


Krukowski Stone Co, Inc.

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  • Christopher Krukowski

3781 County Rd. C  Mosinee, WI 54455
Tel: 800-628-0314  715-693-6300  Fax: 715-693-7223

Architect & Designer Services
  • Technical assistance with your product selection and detailing for your specific application
  • Product and finish samples can be ordered by calling 800-628-0314
  • Cost estimating from your CAD files or hard copy sketches (check with your engineers and take-off team to find out what they would like to receive from the architect to helpl them prepare a good estimate…)
  • CAD details - common installation details are available here.
  • Architectural Specifications - available here.
  • Complete Shop Drawings
  • Test Data - available here.