Krukowski Stone
Carmel Cream™ Finishes

Carmel Cream™ Finishes

Carmel Cream Extreme color variations from light buff, tan, burgundy or terra-cotta; contains light to excessive veining and swirls of dark brown, burgundy or rust.

Carmel Cream is not available in large pieces. In patterned flooring the maximum size is 18" x 24". In a hearth, mantle or sill the longest piece available is 42"

*This material varies dramatically. Extreme color variations from light buff, tan, burgundy, terra-cotta, contains light to excessive variations of mahogany veining. Sorting of colors is not an option. Please note: All of our cut stone products are produced from natural stone. The below photos are a small representation of the product. Due to the fact that we are working with natural stone, the color, veining, and surface texture may vary from materials shown below.

Carmel Cream™ Thermal

A specially designed machine applies a hot flame to the surface of the stone. The flame’s heat can reach 1,800ºF. This action heats the crystals in the stone and pops the stone’s surface creating a slightly rough texture with a low sheen. This process also enhances the color of the stone while leaving a slip-resistant surface. The thermal process tends to pull a crimson tint from the Cambrian Cream material, this is unavoidable.

Carmel Cream™ Thermal   Carmel Cream™ Thermal   Carmel Cream™ Thermal
Carmel Cream™ Thermal   Carmel Cream™ Thermal   Carmel Cream™ Thermal

Carmel Cream Sawn

Unfinished, saw marks are visible.

Carmel Cream™ Sawn   Carmel Cream™ Sawn   Carmel Cream™ Sawn