Krukowski Stone
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Carmel Creamâ„¢ Thermal Patterned Flooring

Carmel Cream™ Thermal Patterned Flooring

Extreme color variations from light buff, tan, burgundy or terracotta; contains light to excessive veining and swirls of dark brown, burgundy or rust.

Sawn 3cm (1 3/16”) (+/- ¼”) Thick, Available in Sizes: 6” x 6” to 24” x 24”.
Please Plan On Extended Lead Times For Larger Pieces.

Available Textures: Polished, Honed, Thermal, Tapestry, Bush-Hammer Or Brushed Finishes.
(Please refer to STONE FINISHES for the different finishes available.)

Carmel Cream patterned flooring is finished with a special impregnating stone sealer to protect the surface of the stone.

1 ¼” Thick Carmel Cream Also Available In: Irregular Shapes Thermal Flagstone 18-36"+ Diameter, Steppers 8-18” Diameter, Cutoffs 8-24”+.

Please Note: The Carmel Cream material varies dramatically- abundant color variations ranging from tan, auburn and terracotta; containing light to heavy variations of chocolate veining.