Krukowski Stone
stone countertops in Wausau, WI


We can provide an estimate for you. Information that we will need from you is your countertop layout including all dimensions with the overhang, noting the location of walls and appliances. We will need to know your stone choice-we focus on our Aqua Grantique and Cambrian Cream materials which we quarry in Mosinee, WI, the type of sink you have (top mount, under-mount or vessel-you must purchase) and stove (free-standing, cooktop slide-in or drop-in), if you want a backsplash 3” or 4”, if you want any radius corners or detailed radius.

Please recognize that granite is a product of nature and will vary in color, movement, structure and polish. In these natural materials lie visible fissures, pits, and inclusions that are not flaws but characteristics of the stone. Fissures are very tiny hairline crevices in the stone surface; pits are surface gaps created during the formation of the stone that are revealed when slabs are cut and polished; and inclusions are clusters of mineral deposits of various colors also created during rock formation. These fissures, pits, and inclusions are present through the entire slab. Also be advised that due to the natural movement in the stone that seams may not match seam to seam. There can be a variation in the thickness of the slabs that may vary up to ¼”. Krukowski Stone Company cannot guarantee an exact match to the samples provided in our yard or on display.

Standard Profiles

standard profiles table

Special Labor Charges

  • Sink - Self-Rimming
  • Sink - Kitchen Undermount (Double Bowl)
  • Sink - Vanity Undermount (Single Bowl)
  • Sink - Vessel (subject to cutout detail)
  • ≤ 1" Radius Corner
  • ≤ 3" Radius Corner
  • ≤ 6" Radius Corner
  • ≤ 12" Radius Corner
  • Angle Cuts (depends on angle)
  • Cooktop Cutout
  • Open Range Cutout
  • Electric Openings (outlets)
  • Hand Finishing
  • 1 ¼" Backsplash
    • 3" High Square Edge
    • 3" High, ¼ Bullnose or Bevel Edge
    • *Other heights available
  • 3/8" Tile Polishing Edges


Additional Charges for Delivery, Measuring, Templating & Installation-

you must have your sink & faucets at time of templating

Lead Times can vary from 6 to 12 weeks plus

For small 1 piece products, you can provide your own templates, you must follow this criteria:

PRODUCTS TO USE:  Wood Strips, Plywood, OSB, Thick or Heavy Plastic,
Hot Glue or Construction Glue strong enough to hold pieces together exactly as you would like us to fabricate, list all dimensions on the template. 

DO NOT USE: Cardboard, Paper, Screws, Nails or Staples to hold them together.
(Nails, Screws and other such materials scratch the surface and are unlevel)