Krukowski Stone
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Highland Brown Palace Blend 6-8-12-18" 

100% Bed-Face, Snapped Heights, Variations Of Brown Tones - Tan, Auburn, And Cedar

Thin Veneers (TV)

Not Available

Full Veneers (FV)

3" to 7” Depths, Snapped Heights (approx. %): 6”-40%; 8”-30%; 12”-20% & 18”-10% (+/- ½”), 6-30”+ Lengths

Covers 40-45 SF per Ton

FV is packaged on pallets that are random weights approximately 4,000 (3,500-4,500) pounds each.

Please Note: This product is a blend of individual materials. The FV Pallets are not pre-blended. This product will be shipped on separate pallets and needs to be blended on site by the mason as it is laid. If necessary we can blend the product; there is an additional blending fee. Please plan on ample lead time.

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