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landscaping stone in Central Wisconsin

Landscape Stone

Since 1978 we have been quarrying and manufacturing many beautiful, unique natural stone products for the landscaping industry.  In the beginning, as we were being established, our landscaping products were the foundation of our company.  Our product line has developed and expanded to include retaining wall stone, 8” cut drywall, 18” outcropping drywall, random drywall, cut steps, random steps, outcropping, boulders, fountain boulders, crushed, decorative stone chips, patterned flooring, address boulders, custom signs, pavers, lawn edging, benches, steppers, many varieties of flagstone, and custom pool coping, step treads and risers.

We provide our materials for local residential projects, as well as, large commercial projects throughout this great nation. 

Some recent changes in our products are we now sort our 8” drywall into 1” thick increments instead of 2” increments, this aids in a quicker and easier installation time.  We are offering a new lower cost Desert Blend outcropping.  We created a new Aqua Grantique split tumbled paver. We have created beautiful “one of a kind” new boulder benches.

We have expanded the Wisconsin Granite boulder line by sawing this material into slabs and then splitting the slabs into an 8” retaining wall or architectural full veneer in tumbled or split-faced textures.  This product line is called Klassic Granite.  We process the Wisconsin Granite boulders into 2’ to 5’ diameter steps and a 3 cm (13/16”) thick thermal flagstone.   In addition we have created a new sawn Aqua Grantique Paver with an “eco-friendly” shot-blast surface which is available in several sizes: 4” x 8”, 8” x 8” and 8” x 12” all of which are 2¼” thick (+/- ¼”).  Because we are getting deeper into our Quartzite Sandstone quarry we now have thicker layers available in our Highland Brown outcropping; we have added a 14” to 24”+ thickness.

Several of our landscape products are Green Building Materials, taken from the earth, for immediate use, with no other manufacturing involved.  These products are indicated with our Green Building Materials logo.  We also have several “eco-friendly” products that are either recycled materials or minimal amount of manufacturing involved in the end product these products are indicated by the “eco-friendly” logo.

The equipment used to process the raw materials into useable products is tremendous.  Our manufacturing facility houses six specially designed hydraulic guillotine splitters that break the massive stone slabs into finished landscaping products.  We also produce unique specialty products in our sawing facility.  This includes several varieties of sawn steppers, flagstone, and patterned flooring with a variety of surface textures.  We also produce custom pieces in our sawing facility such as address boulders, memorial stones, and custom entrance or company signs.

If there is a particular look or style that you desire, but do not see in the following section, please contact our office and we will work diligently to come up with a unique product that is exactly what you or your client is looking for.  With the vast products available, and varied surface textures, our products are endless.  We look forward to working with you on your next landscape project.

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