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Order Printed Materials

Order Printed Materials

Since 1978, Krukowski Stone Company, Inc. has been quarrying and manufacturing natural architectural and landscaping stone. We have put together this web site in addition to a binder, DVD, catalogs and brochures to better assist you in selecting our products. The DVD explains how we take raw materials from the earth and transform our stone, step by step, into everlasting artifacts. We take great pride in our quarrying and production methods. We are constantly investigating new ways to improve our product line and to create new items with the natural materials we possess.

Binder & DVD
For Architects & Dealers

Complete Product Binder/CD

Complete Binder Complete Product Binder CD

Landscape Binder/CD

Landscape Binder           Landscape Binder CD

Slab, Cladding and Cut Stone Binder/CD

     Slabs, Cladding and       Slabs & Cladding
        Cut Stone Binder               Binder CD

Our complete binder is divided into eight sections— New Products, Featured Projects, GREEN, Full Veneer Architectural Stone, Natural Stone Thin Veneers, Cut Stone, Landscape Stone, and Slabs & Cladding. After each category is a reference portion, containing typical section drawings for several different structural applications, installation instructions and 3-part speci?cations. Our miscellaneous tab contains testimonials, testing results, a stone dictionary and copies of all of our brochures. Included in our binder is an informative video on DVD which explains our history, quarry operations, production areas, our yard and projects that have been completed using our stone.

We also have smaller binders available: 'Landscape' & 'Slabs, Cladding & Cut Stone' binder.

Available to Architects & Dealers Only

*If you are a retail customer and wish to purchase the binder / dvd please contact Krukowski Stone directly.

*Certain Restrictions Apply, Request for these items must be Qualified.

Aqua Grantique & Cambrian Cream Stone Sample Case
For Architects & Dealers

Aqua Grantique & Cambrian Cream Stone Sample Case

Our entire staff at Krukowski Stone Company, Inc. would like to thank you for your interest in our natural stone materials. We hope you enjoy browsing our new website. If you have any questions please call our office.