Krukowski Stone
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TV Accessory Stones

Note: Product is produced from natural stone - colors & thicknesses will vary. This holds especially true for Accessory Stones. Some accessory stones may be chipped at the back or at the bottom, this will not affect the appearance when mortared. There may be a variation in thickness of +/- 1/4".

Hearthstone 18" x 18" x 1¼"

Hearthstone Standard: Texture applied to surface and 1 finished textured edge.

Hearthstone Corner: Texture applied to surface and 2 adjoining textured ends for corner application.

Trim Stones 6" x 8" x 1¼"

Ten pieces (approx. 5 lbs. each) per box. Texture applied to the surface.

Sills 24" x 2½" x 2¼"

Four pieces (approx. 12 lbs. each) per box. No texture on Sills surface, Rock-faced edge.

Keystones 10" x 8" x 1¼"

Each piece (approx. 8 lbs.) measures 10" at top, 8" at bottom. Texture is applied to the surface.

Cambrian Cream Trim Stones

Cambrian Cream™ Trim Stones

Indiana Limestone Trim Stones shown around window to the right.

Cambrian Cream™ Trim Stones

Cambrian Cream™ Trim Stones

Silverdale Limestone (1)

Light yellow-buff, with some gray veining.

Indiana Limestone (2)

Variations of light to dark gray.

Silverdale Limestone and Indiana Limestone

Carmel Cream (3)

Extreme color variations from light buff, tan, burgundy or terra cotta; contains light to excessive veining and swirls of dark brown, burgundy or rust.

Cambrian Cream 4

Light buff, may contain crimson and/or gray veining.

Carmel Cream and Cambrian Cream