Krukowski Stone
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TV Packaging

We have created a unique packaging system for our thin veneers. Available in 3 convenient categories:

Handy Packs

For the retail consumer or small projects.

5 square feet of flats or 10 lineal feet of corners*.

*Please Note: The following corners, because of their larger size, are packaged 8 lineal feet per handy pack instead of 10 lineal feet:

  • WI Granite Cobbles
  • WI Split-Fieldstone
  • Aqua Grantique 7½"
  • Aqua Grantiue Tumbled 7½"
  • Highland Brown 7½"
  • Glacier Bay 7½"
  • Sandy Creek 7½"
  • Chestnut Palace Blend 8"
  • Carmel Cream 7½"
  • Desert Blend 7½"
  • Wausau Red.

Handy Packs

Handy Packs by the Pallet

40 Handy Packs of flats per pallet

20 Handy Packs of corners per pallet

NOTE: Due to the size of the box the longest length for pieces packaged in Handy Packs is 22".

Thin Veneer Crates

100 square feet of flats or 100 lineal feet of corners.

Crates can be stacked 3 high.

Thin Veneer Crates          Thin Veneer Crates

Full Pallets (flats only)

Contains approximately 250-280 +/- square feet of flats per pallet.

Full Pallets

Full Pallets

Full Pallets