Krukowski Stone
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Wausau Red

Wausau Red

Ruby Red To Orange Granite, Containing Tight Grained Black And Quartz Crystals. A Very Jagged Split-Faced Stone

Please Note: This product has a natural concave/convex surface, some pieces may vary +/- the depth listed.

Green Eco-Friendly Building Materials

This material is either produced from a recycled material, has a minimal amount of manufacturing, or has an eco-friendly surface texture.

Thin Veneers (TV)

¾" to 1½" (+/- ½") Depths, 4-12” Irregular Diameters

Average Weight 11-14 Pounds per SF

TV is packaged 3 ways:

  • Full Pallet Flats contain a random range of 252 - 280+SF
  • Crates: 100 SF of Flats or 100 LF of Corners
  • Handy Packs: 5 SF of Flats or 8 LF of Corners

Full Veneers (FV)

3" to 7" Depths, 5-18”+ Irregular Diameters

Covers 35 SF per Ton

This FV product is packaged either in white poly bags that hold 3,200 to 4,000 pounds or in 4,000+ pound wood crates. Packaging is an additional fee to the cost of the stone.

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